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Different Like You

At Rocky Mountain Log Homes, we specialize in homes
that reflect the natural beauty of their surroundings.

More importantly, though, we specialize in homes that reflect you.

38 Years Creating Memories

Since 1974, we have helped thousands of new homeowners create their own memories.  Our same owners and managers are still keeping things running smoothly today. 

We're a success because we help people like you see their dream of the perfect log home come true.

Environmental Stewardship

Our deep understanding of log construction is coupled with our commitment to environmental stewardship. 

By only using dry-standing timbers for our homes, we protect existing wildlife while supporting forest regeneration.

We’ve arranged a portfolio of designs to get your creative juices flowing. As you look through them, remember they are just starting points. Rocky can design any log home you can imagine.

Automated Swedish Cope

Flat Log or Dovetail

Log & Timber Frame

Natural Accent Home

The logs for an Automated Swedish Cope home are processed by a machine, which creates logs that are uniform in size and have a smooth surface. The wall logs can be either full round, Swedish cope or dovetail. For a more rustic or handcrafted appearance, the logs can be draw knifed.

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Once associated with an Appalachian-style log home design, flat logs are now popular in all regions. The corners are typically dovetailed or corner posted. On a dovetail corner, the logs are cut to produce a fan-shaped wedge that lag into each other.

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In addition to full-log homes, Rocky Mountain Log Homes offers both timber frame and log frame styles. Both framing methods use large, horizontal or vertical beams on the interior and/or exterior of the home to add structural strength and aesthetic interest.

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Natural accent homes combine log, timber, stone, glass and other materials to create hybrid homes that reflect their surrounding environment and expand design options beyond classic log or timber frame construction styles.

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