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Accents & Components


Accents & Components

When it comes to our homes, we take pride in sweating the small stuff.

Let our line of log and timber accents and components bring
the perfect design details to your home.

Bring Home the Warmth of Logs or Heavy Timbers

If you like the rich warmth of log or timber homes but aren’t in the market for a brand new house, you can incorporate log or timber construction into your current home.

Using the same precise techniques that we use to create our custom designs, Rocky Mountain Homes offers some of the most beautiful log/timber accents and components in the industry.

Enhance the Natural Beauty

Our various Log and Timber Accents and Components include entry gates, siding, exterior log railings, porch posts, log porch roof systems, heavy timber trusses and decorative log members.

By incorporating these design details into your design, you can bring the warmth of logs or timbers to your plan and enhance the natural beauty of any style home – log, timber, natural accent, traditional or any combination.

Accent Components

True Half-Log Siding

Half-log siding gives you the look of a real log home at a fraction of the cost, regardless of the style, size or location of your home. Half-log siding can be applied to any or all areas of your new or existing home for a realistic rustic look.

Dovetail Siding

Used to cover standard stick-frame construction, dovetail siding gives your home old-frontier appeal, while adding true visual interest through the unique corner systems.

Historical Siding

Exclusively at Rocky Mountain Log Homes, our historical siding gives your home a turn-of-the-century appeal. This siding is made from dry- seasoned western white wood and wire brushed to peel back the bark and give you a vintage look.

Ranch House Board & Batt

Rocky’s sawn, un-edged ranch house board and batt will give your building an antique look. The board on the backside is a sized 1-by-12-inch white wood with a bark edge planed board on the face.

Log and Heavy Timber Truss

Pre-cut log or heavy timber trusses give any room a spectacular feel. Whether you're incorporating log or timber trusses for their structural support, or simply trying to boost your home’s or project's interior style, the Rocky Mountain Homes team can create the look you desire.

log truss log trusses log truss great room log truss interior log truss log turss log truss log truss timber truss timber truss

Timber Truss

Pairing traditional craftsmanship with modern day precision, Rocky Mountain Log Homes offers timber-frame trusses for your custom home. The trusses are available in mortise-and-tennon and pre-cut styles for ease of installation, with various lengths, shapes and sizes to choose from.

Decorative Trusses

Even if your custom home doesn’t require the structural support of roof trusses, you still have the option of incorporating beautiful log or timber trusses to create visual appeal in your home’s interior.

Decorative Truss Decorative Truss Timber Truss Timber Truss Log Truss Log Truss Log Truss Log Truss Log scissor truss Timber Truss Timber Truss

Precut Timber

Whether you incorporate our pre-cut timbers for structural support in your home or simply for added aesthetic appeal, we have a style that will suit your home’s unique design. Timber styles we offer include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Planned
  • Adzed
  • Rough Sawn
  • Sizes
  • Pre-Cut
  • Mortise-and-Tenon

False Purlin

A purlin is a horizontal beam that’s incorporated along the length of a roof, resting on a main rafter and supporting the common rafters or boards. On the exterior of your home, you can include false purlins in your gable design as an added accent.

Structural & Non-Structural Purlins

Inside your home, structural and non-structural purlins can be used to create instant drama in the length of your ceiling.

Log & Timber Rafters

Rafters are beams that extend from the peak of the roof to the eaves and comprise its internal framework. By opting for rafters, you can create a more open, soaring ceiling in your interior spaces – a natural way to up your home’s dramatic appeal.

Log and Timber Joists

Joists are beams of timber or steel that support a part of the structure of a home, typically arranged in parallel lines to support a floor or ceiling. In areas of your home where the ceiling needs to be lower, like the kitchen or bedrooms, joists are a smart way to carry that same rustic and dramatic feel throughout your home’s entirety.

Log and Timber Posts

Posts are a great way to incorporate unique focal points and character into your home. Whether you use multiple posts to comprise a front porch or a single post to draw your eyes from floor to ceiling in your home’s open floor plan, posts can add instant strength and charm. Plus, you have the option to cut your posts into clean, streamlined logs, or you can leave the knots, bark and natural color to add rustic appeal.

Raw Posts

Strength and charm are a winning combination for these posts. Whether for support in a porch area or inside, raw posts can compliment any structure.

Timber Knee Braces

A knee brace, whether constructed from logs or timbers, is a stiffener between a post and a supported truss. Typically positioned at a 45-degree angle, a knee brace creates added strength to support the load overhead.

Log Knee Braces

Whether for support or visual appeal, you’ll love our log knee braces.

Log Corbels

Log and timber corbels are decorative bracket that can give a unique look on your home’s exterior eaves and can be used to support your fireplace mantel.

Log Stairs & Timber Stairs

With an unlimited assortment of options, from railing types to stair styles, the Rocky Mountain team can create any awe-inspiring staircase to complement your custom home. Call today to get pricing on log or timber stairs!

Log staircase Custom Log stairs and log railing Log stairs and railing log treads log stairs Log stairs Log stairs Log Stairs Timber Stairs

Fireplace Mantles

From hearths made from local river rock to streamlined fireplaces constructed from manufactured stone, a stunning fireplace is a must-have focal point in any log, timber or hybrid home.

Porch Packages

Most custom homes come as a packaged deal with a stunning natural landscape, so why not include a spectacular porch to take in those views? Whether you want to incorporate a sprawling porch that’s designed for relaxing, or a simple entryway to protect your guests, the possibilities are endless.

Entry Gates

No matter the location or style of your home, a stunning entry gate can set the tone (and impress visitors) upon arrival.