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The Rocky Difference

Take one look at the Rocky Mountain Log Homes' manufacturing facility, and it’s clear why we produce such beautiful, high-quality homes.

Our Materials

The key to our superior log homes lies in our materials, and their origins. We use only the best naturally seasoned, dry-standing Western timber as our exclusive source for log material.

Dry-standing timber is cut fully seasoned, not green, and only one in 10 will make the grade.

This standard means we’re one of only a select few companies in the country that manages the entire transformation from standing timber to the home itself. 

Our full-time forester, along with third-party inspection of all timber products, ensures that only the strongest naturally seasoned timber finds its way into a Rocky Mountain Log Home.

Assembly Techniques

Just as innovative as our exclusive use of naturally seasoned timber are the assembly techniques that have characterized our industry-leading position.

Far before the log is put in place, our robotic machinery has made it precise and true with the most efficient milling method available. All logs are milled to the most exacting tolerances, providing the greatest uniformity in the industry.

Then they are fitted with a unique spline and gasket system called WeatherLock® system, and joined using the Swedish Cope method.

Different from any other system, WeatherLock® ensures that every Rocky home will provide lifelong efficiency.

Pioneer Log Yard

Responsible Harvesting

Superior Log System

WeatherLock® System

10 Year Warranty

With the help of our on-staff forester, we are proud of our commitment to responsible harvesting practices. By using only dry-standing trees to build our homes, we eliminate the need for energy-consumptive kiln dryers while reducing the risk of future forest fires. 

Our award-winning homes begin with our custom-cut logs, precisely produced at our state-of-the-art mill. The mill’s rounding machines, custom built specifically for Rocky Mountain Log Homes, cut each and every one of our logs to your project’s exact specifications.

Our patented spline and gasket system called WeatherLock® sets up an invisible barrier between the inside of your home and the great outdoors. By preventing air from leaking into your home, our WeatherLock system will boost your home’s efficiency and lower your energy bills.

It’s this commitment to great design, materials, and systems that gives us the confidence to provide each of our clients with a 10-year third party warranty, provided by Residential Warranty Corporation.


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A Greater Good

The science of forestry was born out of a philosophy that use of timber in our forests serves a greater good than allowing it to age, die and decay.

  • The harvest and utilization of dry-standing wood for home building produces a number of substantial benefits:
  • As shelter must be built for an expanding world population, use of a renewable resource only makes sense.
  • Every dry-standing tree used in home construction prevents a living tree from being destroyed.
  • Harvest of dry-standing timber reduces wildfire risks in the western North American forests.
  • Wildfires fueled by large amounts of dead wood consume other living trees, endanger watersheds, destroy wildlife and threaten homes.

Our timber harvest takes into account necessary habitat requirements for fish, wildlife and recreational pursuits, as well as for the regeneration of a healthy forest. Our goals are achieved through harvest-site analysis, scheduling, selection of harvestable timber, site design, and use of specialized logging equipment.

Rocky's Timber Sale Licenses in both the U.S. and Canada demand a high level of professional performance - with the completed harvest site to be immediately ready for manual replanting by government management agencies, so the site is "fully stocked" and "free to grow." This planting effort is financed by funds paid by Rocky Mountain Log Homes to the U.S. Forest Service and British Columbia Ministry of Forests.


Every harvest site is also reseeded and manually replanted, and we ship all of our excess wood to paper mills and cardboard manufacturers to be recycled. To date, we've recycled more than 2,000 tons of wood and saved thousands of acres of live trees.


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