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The architect using logs creates with a distinctly American palette, one that contains the earthy essences of the frontier – strength, self-reliance, durable shelter – along with the spiritual longing that sent an entire nation into the wilderness to explore and take dominion. Elemental themes emerge, expressed in stone, brick, glass. And logs. The structure at once reflects the vitality of the land and the people who live in it.

The medium is not without elegance. Log sizes and cuts may be varied for effect. Interiors can contrast with exteriors. Rustic easily complements contemporary. Lift and light can exist inside of mass. Color, as always, accentuates mood and defines space. The immense strength of the land, embodied in the logs, demands the softening touch of imagination. As in nature, delicacy endows power with beauty.

There is much to choose from. Our floorplans, ranging widely in style and size, are starting points only. A willingness to create the new, the unique, the unusual – can take any of them in a hundred different directions. But we are also ready to build the building that exists only in the mind’s eye of the architect, or the fantasy of the client. 

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