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Memorable Settings

Memorable Settings

Let’s face it, when you’re deciding where you’re going to build your log or timber frame home, a big factor is the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Great Design

Great design has long been a hallmark of Rocky Mountain’s award-winning mountain style homes, making us confident that we can translate your dreams into a beautiful, integrated plan – no matter the location.

A Home For Any Location

From the mountains to the forests, the water to the grasslands, Rocky Mountain Homes has experience designing and building for every location, ensuring that your custom home will fit in seamlessly in any setting you choose.





When you choose to build on land that slopes steeply downward – a common request in mountain settings – there are many design considerations to think about.  For example, you may want to think about choosing a long-and-low home instead of trying to battle the challenging terrain by building a home with lots of stacked levels. You’ll also want to think about extreme weather conditions, so the folks at Rocky might recommend a steep-pitched roof to encourage snow slide off, or extra-thick insulation or energy-efficient windows to keep your home warm and welcoming during the long winter season.

In dense, thick forest, you’ll need to consider a number of things, from the location of the surrounding trees and foliage, to the impact the cool and dark environment will have on your home’s logs. Fortunately, the RMH design team has plenty of experience building in these remote settings and can help you make smart decisions for your design. For example, while you may want a metal roof to top off your log or timber frame home, think about the noise effects from falling acorns and branches on this type of material. You also may want to think about building up (instead of out) in this type of environment to preserve as much of the surrounding flora and fauna as possible.

When building on the water, most people’s top priority is orienting the home – more specifically, the windows – to perfectly frame the views. But Rocky Mountain Homes knows there’s more to waterfront building than just accounting for the views. From impact-resistant windows to protecting your logs or timbers from the wet elements (waterside locations tend to see a lot of action in the form of storms), they’ll help you cover all the bases to keep your home looking great and feeling comfortable.

With beating sun in summer and howling winter winds, low-lying grasslands are notorious for extreme weather conditions. The Rocky design team may suggest a low-rise ranch-style home for this setting, due to the way they contour to the land and blend in with the surrounding environment. You may also want to incorporate an airtight sealing system to ensure your home’s protected against the biting winds. Rocky Mountain Homes’ design team will also help you design a home that will make an impact against the landscape’s flat background; for example, the scale of the home may need to be a bit larger.