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If you’re thinking about building a mountain style home, consider visiting
our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hamilton, Montana.

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Whether we're on the phone or giving a tour of our facilities, one of the trademarks of the Rocky home office in Hamilton, Montana is that we provide our clients with the absolute best possible service.

By visiting the Rocky headquarters, you can see how our equipment mills logs and timbers consistently to manufacture all of the structural components for your log or timber home..

For customers who come to the plant and buy a mountain style home within three months we will reimburse you for your travel expenses,up to $1,200

Visit a Distributor

For our clients elsewhere, it's reassuring to know that there's outstanding service and immediate assistance a little closer to home. Rocky Mountain Homes distributors are spread far and wide and have extensive knowledge and expertise.

Visit the distributor page to find the Rocky Mountain Log Homes distributor nearest you to arrange a home tour.

We also have multiple international distributors.