Rocky Mountain Homes from my experience are efficient, professional, skilled and knowledgeable. I am impressed by their workmanship. Being quite knowledgeable in the construction field myself, I am impressed with their attention to detail when it comes to  finish work.   They are thorough, attentive to detail, and very professional in their work.
J. Schuler
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Rocky Mountain provided the total log, deck and windows package for our log home.  Their process was seamless, and we had absolutely no issues with the product(s), nor their on-time delivery.  I was a neophyte in building a home, and the people were understanding and easy to work from start to finish.  Our Rocky Mountain home is not just a house, it is a "home."
Still love my Rocky Mountain home as much as I did when it was new.
Pete Dirlam
The hands on approach to every aspect of our project and attention to detail gave us the peace of mind we needed.  We just completed our dream home and could not be happier
Daniel Weinstein
Our river house is coming along beautifully thanks to everybody doing their part
Valerie Byrnes
Our home has the feel of an old Yellowstone Lodge...
M. Alber
We love our home in North Idaho.  Exactly what we wanted, a mix of family tradition and innovative design.  We were able to mix a 100 year old Swedish Cope tradition of log construction with a modern design that will serve our family for the next generation.
Karen Duddlesten
The crew is already missed here.  The feeling is probably NOT mutual; as they put up with one of the coldest winters that Nebraska has had in 30 years.  Seriously, I think the wind was gusting 20-30 every day except 2 days the entire time they were here; the temps were consistently below 10.  It's a true testament to the strength of the man to work in these conditions.  Well, believe me they proved themselves time and time again.  We were very impressed with their craftsmanship, commitment, and professionalism at every stage of the housing project...
R. Hocstein
Rocky Mountain offers an excellent product, from the house plans to the actual log home kit as well as the expertise of contractors they recommend.  We have a beautiful log home that is truly a work of art.  Cars driving by will stop to look, and sometimes take pictures.  We couldn't be happier with our home."
A. Sinsimer
Our partners, Steve and Jennifer Duncan, Kate and I visited you in Montana and carefully selected material that we dreamed would one day be our log cabin in Greer, Arizona.  We call it "Sweet Comfort." As you can see, we used to historic log siding with Stock Farm board & batt accents to create this magical place.  We love it!
Dick Foreman
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Your company makes this process really simple. From conception to final payment, all has gone so well.
Jeremiah Franklin
Ashner Construction Co. has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Rocky.  Taking advantage of the numerous products Rocky Mountain offers has allowed us to stand out as an innovative leader in the Kansas City market for use of log and timber details in many of our custom homes.  From concept to design to delivery the Rocky staff provides knowledgeable, friendly, responsive service.  I would not hesitate to recommend Rocky to any builder or developer as a tremendous resource for any log and timber needs.
Jeff Ashner
Quality of materials and workmanship were superb.  They also interfaced extremely well with our architect and subcontractors.  Projects came in on budget.  We experienced delays in timing due to onsite management and resources in home office.  However, they were very responsive when we alerted them to the problems.  I would hire them again.
Joe Chelbowski
We truly love this special home-the feeling of space, the views of the mountains in the distance, our cozy octagonal breakfast room, the large TV room on the lower floor, and the porch that wraps around the house on three sides.  We love the plan and service.  Rocky Mountain enabled us to customize and choose our windows, doors and hardware-making a perfect fit for us.
Betsy Reeves
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We have absolutely loved our Rocky Mountain log home! It has surpassed our wildest dreams on providing an amazing retreat for our family and friends! Rob, and Rocky Mountain Log Homes, thank you so much for your help in providing us with our dream home!
Mark and Wendi Holland
The cabin is our salvation.  It is our escape used on almost every weekend to put ourselves back together after hectic weeks.  Everything about it is magical, but if I had to pick what things about the cabin make it special I would say this: First, the wrap around porch.  There is always the perfect sitting place based on the weather, time of day or your mood.  Second, the feel of the great room and its cozy sitting area with a massive fireplace.  Third, the genius of leaving open the wall separating the upstairs master bedroom from the great room.
Dave and Kathie Rubenson
I've built 13 personal homes and 1000's of tract homes, but never experienced such excitement as today.  Might say all your efforts, craftmanship and character log selections are awesome.  Thanks tons!
Steve Rahlves